Monochromatic Makeup With the MAC Loud and Clear Collection and Glow Play Blush: Coral Lids, Lips and Cheeks

mac loud and clear glow play

Captain Obvious here, but I am a fervent fan / enthusiastic adherent of monochromatic makeup, and that’s because I only have so many brain cells, and I like not having to expend them all thinking too deeply about matching my lids, lips and cheeks.

I’d rather conserve a little more of my life force for other things, ya know? And I need every single drop of life force I can spare to just make it through the day, ha ha ha!

Monochromatic madness!

The key players in this monochromatic coral look are blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and gloss from the new Loud and Clear collection and the Glow Play Blush collection by MAC, both of which are on counters now.

The eyeliner is an old MAC standby called Teddy… I love me some Teddy! It’s an opalescent reddish brown pencil liner and a workhorse staple if you like wearing warm orange browns, reddish browns, orange, or coral shades on your eyes.

I’m wearing Teddy here with matte orange coral Painted by Umber eyeshadow, and I like the contrast between Teddy’s pearly finish and the matte eyeshadow. That’s a minor detail, but I think it elevates the look a little.

I wore this look to the bakery the other day, and it was a day when sugar cookie dough, otherwise known as “the bane of my existence,” was killing me softly… You see, I had to roll out 60 heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies, and the temperature in the kitchen was warmer than usual (we’ve had a couple of warm, spring-like days in the low-60s lately).

A toasty outside temp means that everything inside the bakery warms up faster than usual, and that means MISERY if you’re handling sugar cookie dough.

Basically, you wanna keep your sugar cookie dough as cold as possible, because when it’s cold, it “listens” to you and does exactly what you need it to do. It stays thick and retains its shape as you roll it, and it continues to do so as you stamp out your shapes with a cookie cutter and move them to a baking sheet. Yup, when it’s cold, it is very, very good dough.

However, as the dough warms, like it does in an unseasonably hot kitchen, it embraces its inner rebel and becomes progressively ill-tempered and misbehaved. Your sweet, previously kind-hearted sugar cookie dough transforms into @sshole dough. 🙁 It picks up dents and fingerprints, stretches out where you don’t want it to stretch out, and becomes nearly impossible to transfer from the counter to a baking sheet.


Anywho, even though I struggled to stamp out those hearts, at least my makeup was cute. 🙂 Small victories, right?!

mac loud and clear glow play

mac loud and clear glow play

Key products worn in this look

Eyes: MAC Painted By Umber (lids) and Tromp L’ol (brow bone), MAC Teddy eyeliner (waterlines and lash lines), It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Cheeks: MAC Glow Play Blush in Groovy

Lips: MAC Sugar Sweet Cameo Lipstick and Female Gaze Lipglass

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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