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Product Spotlight: Laura Mercier Rosé Cheek Color

Rosé all day “No-makeup” makeup people, take note: This warm pink powder blush will release you from your “blahs” while summoning your cheeks back to life. I barely wore any makeup last weekend (real talk: I’ve been feeling kinda blah), but I *did* manage to put on some mascara, brow ...

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Product Spotlight: Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Mascara

Ready to give you a lift FOR DECADES I believed that a lash curler was a non-negotiable when dealing with stick straight lashes (mine will flex the curl outta everything), but that’s totally not so, man! My opinion changed when Laura Mercier’s marvelous Caviar Volume Mascara, which is part of ...

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3 Easy Tips for Elegant Everyday Winged Liner

Classic winged liner is always in style. Contrary to what Instagram or YouTube might’ve told ya over the past five years, winged liner…otherwise known as “cat eye” liner or “kitten flicks”, otherwise known as “one of the rare eye makeup trends that stands the test of time,” doesn’t have to ...

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NARS Alhambra Eyeshadow Duo -> Love!

I’m still playing my way through that custom NARS palette, and I’m still rediscovering classics that keep speaking to me (because, obviously, my makeup talks to me), saying nuggets of wisdom like, “Karen, you seriously need to consider wearing us every day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” Key makeup ...

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Are You an Aveeno Kinda Girl or Guy?

AHHHHHHH Ahhhhh, Aveeno! Remember that ad? Whoever dreamt that up is the real MVP because here I am, years later, saying “Ahhhhh, Aveeno,” every time I use Aveeno. I’ll admit it; I’m an Aveeno girl, and I always have something from Aveeno in my bathroom. In fact, I just picked ...

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