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3 Unexpected Beauty Lessons I Learned This Week

Things I learned this crazy week! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend! My goodness, it has been a week. The run-up to Valentine’s Day at the bakery was cray! Yesterday, I made frosting for 4 hours in the biggest mixer we have. Simply put, I was buttercreamed out by the end ...

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Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk

Good stuff! I just found your new favorite base for no-makeup makeup days. 🙂 And guess what? It’s less than 10 bucks! (Technically, $9.99.) Say, “Oh, hai,” to Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk, which for the official makeup record is a foundation, but performs like a sheer tinted moisturizing rock ...

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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

YUM 1. Earl Grey I like mine with milk and 🍯 honey…lots of honey. I’ve been downing it daily, sometimes twice, and I’m freaking out a little because I just made myself a cup and realized that I’m out of tea now… I think I’m low-key addicted! 2. Sparkly pencil ...

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Covergirl Clean Fresh Tinted Oil Lip Oil Review

Lightweight and lovely new lip oils by Covergirl Has anyone, throughout the history of makeup-kind, ever sat around thinking to themselves, “You know what I *really* wish I could have? — flaky, thirsty-as-all-hell chapped lips. That would be so great.” As a person of the parched pout persuasion, I can ...

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All Star Products for 3-Minute, No-Makeup Makeup

Some days you have 20 minutes to put on your makeup…and some days you only have three. Yesterday was a “three” day for me. I had to drop off Connor at preschool in the morning before heading to the bakery, as usual, but because I was running late (I’d just ...

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Greens and Grays – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Greens and grays Raise your paw if you ever get stuck in color combo ruts. I FEEL YOU! So, lately I’ve been trying to wear color combos that I normally wouldn’t think to pair together, but it’s hard to break out of old habits, man. Like with this green and ...

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